Saturday (10/10/2020) a Workshop on Entrepreneurship: Projects and Business in Geology was held as webinar organized by Geological Engineering Student Association “HMTG Magmadipa” Economic Division in collaboration with lecturers of Entrepreneurship and Engineering Economics. This event is sponsored by IKA Geodipa (alumni association) and PT Santara Daya Inspiratama. The topic was projects and business in geology, with a focus on the steps that need to be prepared in building and funding a business, also optimizing geological student potential to build a business.

This event presented four speakers, first Mr. Arnaz Agung Andrarasmara, SE, MM (Chairman of KADIN Semarang) who explained the role of students in developing entrepreneurship. Mr. Arnaz also motivated students to be consistent, enthusiastic about collaborating and take advantage of existing opportunities to build a business, especially in pandemic conditions. The second speaker, Mr. Riko Mersandro Permana, M.Eng., MM (Practitioner in the field of MSME and entrepreneurship financing), explained the strategy of building a business in the MSME sector through the crowdfunding system, as well as the basics needed to build a business. The third speaker was Mr. Fitrianto Budi Nurjaya, ST (Head of Feldspar Mining Engineering in Jepara) who explained the opportunities of industrial mineral projects for geology students. The fourth speaker, Mr. Ahmad Taufiq, ST, MT, Ph.D (Head of the Groundwater Center of the Directorate General of Water Resources, Ministry of PUPR), explained the potential for infrastructure development projects and businesses in Indonesia and the role of geology in it. In addition, he also conveyed the things that geologists must pay attention to when entering the realm of consultants.  Mr. Taufiq also opens the opportunity for geological engineering students to do job training and research in the field of groundwater.

In Q and A session, the participants consisting of students, alumni, and lecturers gave positive responses because of the interesting topics and interactive discussions from speakers. With this seminar, we hope that geological engineering graduates can not only be involved in the industrial world, but also practicing entrepreneurship according to the competence of Undip alumni, COMPLETE (Communicator, Professional, Leader, Entrepreneur, Thinker, Educator).