Department of Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University has conducted a workshop on “Kurikulum Kampus Merdeka 2020: Opportunities and Challenges of Geological Engineering Graduates in the Industry 4.0 Era”. This event was held on Monday, May 18th 2020 online and aims to discuss new curriculum plans related to ministerial policy that will be implemented in 2020. Participants are lecturers of Geological Engineering both internally and from other universities, students, alumni, and stakeholders. Presented speakers were Abdul Latif Setiyadi, ST, MT (Petronas), Salahuddin Husein, Ph.D (Asproditegi), Aveliansyah, ST (Pertamina), Idris, SE, M.Si (KKIB Business Incubator), Nurul Syahadatin (PT. Undip Citra Ciptaprima), and Ahmad Syauqi Hidayatillah, ST, MT (Department of Geological Engineering Undip). The moderators were Dr.rer.nat. Thomas Triadi P, ST, M.Eng. and Anis Kurniasih, ST, MT from Diponegoro University.

The first session explained about the competency needs of S1 graduates in the professional world. Mr. Latif explained several skills and competencies, which undergraduate Geology Engineering must achieve in petroleum industry. Soft skills are important too and can be improved during study years, as said by Mr. Avel. Mr. Idris and Ms. Nurul delivered the importance of entrepreneurship. Next, Mr. Salahuddin gave an explanation of the views and curriculum plans of the independent campus from Asproditegi (Geological Engineering Department Association). The second session presented an explanation of the curriculum draft that had been prepared by the Quality Assurance Group of Department of Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University by Mr. Syauqi. The presentation continued with discussion, where input from the alumni and stakeholders was taken into consideration in the preparation of the draft before it was implemented. By organize this event; we expect to get a more tangible insight about the needs and competencies of graduates in the professional world. This can improve the preparation of an independent campus curriculum, both within the Department of Geological Engineering Diponegoro University and other universities as well.