On Thursday, March 3, 2022, the Workshop “Introduction to Bayat Field Lecture: East Java Regional Geology” at the Department of Geological Engineering Undip was held. The background of this activity is that a geologist needs experience in field observations to improve geological senses. The target of this activity is mainly the teaching staff and students participating in the 2022 Geological Mapping as preparation before the implementation of field activities.

The activity was opened with remarks by Dr.rer.nat. Thomas Triadi Putranto, ST, M.Eng. as the Head of the Undip Geological Engineering Department. The invited speaker is Dr.Ir. Carolus Prasetyadi, MT from the Geological Engineering Department of UPNV Yogyakarta. Dr. Pras has conducted research on the tectonic evolution of eastern Java, according to the topics in this workshop. The researcher who is familiarly called Pak Pras gave an introduction in the form of the importance of field activities in geology. The accuracy of data collection in the field is a very fundamental beginning in any geological investigation. If carried out correctly and continuously, the experience of this field activity will become a valuable geological skill.

Pak Pras presented the topic on the geology of eastern Java to the participants comprehensively. He mentioned that to learn the geological setting of East Java, there are many basement rock outcrops and Eocene sediments found, for example in Bayat, Kulon Progo, and Karang Sambung. This phenomenon is very important to study regarding the history of the development of the Tertiary basin in East Java, including the Kendeng Zone and the Southern Mountain Zone. The presentation of this material was moderated by Mr. Tri Winarno, ST, M.Eng.

The Q and A session that followed took place interactively showing the curiosity of the participants, both lecturers and students, on the topics discussed. The event closed with the awarding of certificates to the invited speaker and virtual group photos.