Outdoor physical activity is one of the mandatory agendas for Geological Engineering student. Starting from the first semester, students have been gradually introduced to outdoor activities so that by the end of semesters students can independently carry out activities in the field for their research purposes.

At the Department of Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University, level 3 (5th semester) students will undergo a very important field activity in lectures, namely Geological Mapping course. This course has 4 credits point and all activities are carried out in the field.

To be able to carry out lecture activities properly, Geological Engineering students who will take part in Geological Mapping activities absolutely must have good physical condition. To prepare for good physical condition, students must get used to exercising regularly. However, in the midst of busy lectures and practices, of course it is hard for them to set aside special time to exercise. Therefore, the Department of Geological Engineering facilitates students who will take part in Geological Mapping to exercise regularly at least once a week. This routine sports activity has been running for the last four weeks during May 2023 and dozens of students have been happily participating.

This routine sports activity is carried out in stages with various activities to simulate conditions during lecture activities in the field. In the early stages, students were invited to walk around the Undip campus with a certain route while carrying a bag filled with 2 bottles of 1.5 liter mineral water. In the next stage, the trajectory route is added so that the trip distance becomes even longer. Not only that, sports activities are occasionally combined with running competitions with prizes to increase the enthusiasm of participants.

Even though at the beginning the enthusiasm of students was not visible, over time students began to get used to and enjoy this sports activity. We hoped that this activity can continue to run routinely so that it benefits students to have excellent physical condition.


Walking exercise around Undip campus


Running competition with prize to motivate student