In order to be a reputable research study program and produce professional Geological Engineering graduates, the Department of Geological Engineering Universitas Diponegoro always plays an active role by improving the quality and academic services. One of the activities aimed at improving the quality of education in this environment is by inviting professors from several foreign universities for various academic activities involving students and lecturers. This activity is carried out in the form of a visiting professor, which was divided into several events from September to October 2020. The invited academics were Prof. Magaly Koch (Boston University USA), Dr. David Menier (Université de Bretagne-Sud France), Prof. Satoru Kawasaki (Hokkaido University, Japan) and Prof. Noriyuki Yasufuku (Kyushu University, Japan). In addition to giving lectures in the form of webinars according to the expertise of each professor, there is also a manuscript-writing workshop specially given by Prof. Magaly Koch. All the activities will be held using Zoom webinar meeting and will be live streamed from Geologi Undip Channel at YouTube.The benefits to be achieved in this activity, apart from improving the quality of student education, are to improve the scientific writing skills of lecturers. With this collaboration, it can also build international academic cooperation relationships and improve the reputation of Universitas Diponegoro.

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