Establish an excellent research-based Geological Engineering Program at National and International level by 2020


  1. Organize a professional teaching in the field of earth science and technology.
  2. Improve research activities for teaching staff and students, in the field of earth science and technology.
  3. Empower community by service activities and participate in solving problems related to geological field.
  4. Increasing collaboration with relevant agencies to create professionalism and independence in the administration and management of education.
  5. Organizing good governance to guarantee quality, professionalism, capability and accountability.


  1. Produce highly competitive graduates who are virtuous, qualified, professional, entrepreneurial, have high leadership, communication skills.
  2. Develop scientific research at national and international levels that applicable and useful to society.
  3. Provide community service that contributes positively to the advancement of industry and society.
  4. Deliver an education system with good governance to ensure skilled graduates, insightful research, and beneficial community services.