The joint team consisting of students from the Geological Engineering Department, namely Patricya Naomi Saragi, Tania Chriselda Ganet,  Mutiara Greeta Rieska Surbakti, Lusiana Indah Pratiwi from the Class of 2019 got 3rd Place in the “Derrick’s International Geothermal Case Study Competition” event. Derrick 2022 is a series of events and competitions held by the Polytechnic of Energy and Mineral, Akamigas, Cepu, attended by Indonesian and Southeast Asian students. The big themed activity is “Riposting to Future Energy Challenges by Developing Human-Intellectual Centered on Technological Innovation” which discusses actual problems in the energy sector today. Students as the nation’s young generation are challenged to be able to contribute to solving problems through various case studies.

This event is very relevant to the topic of the importance of technological innovation to accelerate the development of geothermal energy and is related to the Sustainable Development Goals. The given geothermal case study aims to test participants’ ability to design safe, efficient, and economical geothermal energy power plants from surface and subsurface data, as well as environmental and socio-cultural analysis. Teams of 3-4 participants were given time from August to September 2022 to complete the case study. Compete with other teams from various universities; our team presented their designs to the judges on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at PEM Akamigas Cepu. For their final result, they got 3rd highest score.

Congratulations on the achievement to the student team of the Geological Engineering Department, hopefully it can motivate them to achieve even better and contribute to institutions and science. Bravo Geology!