On Saturday, October 7 2023, the “Software Skill Class” event was successfully held with the theme “Introduction to Geostatistics for Resource Estimation”. The event was organized by SM IAGI UNDIP in collaboration with PENGDA IAGI Bangka Belitung (Association of Indonesian Geologists – Bangka Belitung Regional Management). This event is a positive step to improve understanding of geostatistics in resource estimation. This event was attended by Mrs. Narulita Santi, S.T., M.Eng., as supervisor of SM IAGI UNDIP, Prof.Dr.rer.nat.Ir. Thomas Triadi Putranto, S.T., M.Eng., IPU, ASEAN Eng. as Head of the Geological Engineering Department, as well as Mr. Ir Achmad Albani, S.T., and Mr. Yosep Ismail, S.T. as members of the IAGI Bangka Belitung Regional Management.

Mr. Hazred Umar Fathan, CPI, MusiMM, as the main speaker provided an in-depth understanding of the use of the latest software in geostatistical analysis for estimating natural resources. Participants gain valuable insight into geostatistical techniques applied in the geology and mining industry. The material was preceded by an overview of the work of a geologist in the mining sector by an experienced speaker. Next, students were introduced to using the Micromine application to estimate nickel reserves.

The collaboration between the IAGI Bangka Belitung Regional Management and the Geological Engineering Department will continue for the next 2 years. It is hoped that in the future this collaboration can continue to support students’ needs in providing training and teaching by expert practitioners. In this way, students’ skill competencies will continue to increase to prepare them to become experts in their respective fields.