Geological field excursions is one of the best studying method for geology subject in addition to class lectures. Observing the rocks and landforms in the field is fundamental to understand the theoretical knowledge from the books. Therefore on Sunday (26/11/2022), 140 students and several lecturers attended an excursion to the Gunung Kidul area, Yogyakarta. The geological sites visited were Nglanggran Volcano and Baron Beach.

This activity is compulsory that must be followed by students from class 2022 because it is associated with several courses such as Basic Geology, Geomorphology, and Mineralogy in this semester. This excursion aims to provide students with an understanding of the geomorphology of volcanic landscapes at the Nglanggran Ancient Volcano, followed by coastal landscapes meet subsurface river outlet that led to the sea at Baron Beach. Other geological aspect, rock types, and mineralogical composition can be observed directly from volcanic rocks and limestone outcrop at the sites.

All the participants were very enthusiastic in participating and learning the knowledge gained from the activity. They finished the activity well and returned to Semarang safely.