Our students won an award at the Joint Convention Yogyakarta (JCY) on Thursday, November 28, 2019. The team consisting of Garindra Yogiswara, Nabilah Afifah Habni Harahap, Hulaima Nur Qonita, Asyuara Farah, and Lestari Butar Butar won “Best Educational Research Undergraduate Poster” from their research paper titled Geotechnical conditions and stability analysis of landslide prone areas: a case study in Gunungpati, Semarang. The research presented as scientific poster discussing the engineering geology analysis, mass movements, slope aspect in Gunungpati, Semarang to assess geotechnical recommendation of the research area.

Yogyakarta Joint Convention (JCY) 2019 with the theme Towards Large Exploration and Maximizing Undeveloped Resources itself is a biannual event that discusses the development of exploration and utilization in various fields of energy in Indonesia. The event was organized by the Indonesian Geological Experts Association (IAGI), the Indonesian Geophysical Experts Association (HAGI), the Indonesian Petroleum Engineering Specialist Association (IATMI), and the Indonesian Oil and Gas Production Facility Expert Association (IAFMI) in Yogyakarta on November 25 to November 28 2019. The Yogyakarta Joint Convention (JCY) 2019 event was organized various activities such as the Student Competition, oral presentation and poster competition from students and professionals, exhibitions, workshops, panels and technical discussions from various companies and professionals.