Geological Engineering Department students represented by M Nanda Ardi (2019), Aulia Rahman (2020), and Aditya Surya Pratama (2020) won achievements in the national level geology student competition. They are members of the Merdeka Spirit Team, which is a delegation from the SM-IAGI student bureau. They participated in the FGMI-IAGI Geo Student Competition 2022 which was held this year in Makassar City on 20-23 October 2022. The Young Indonesian Geoscientist Forum (FGMI) which is in charge of guiding SM IAGI has a goal to prepare students to master geological science skills. This competition is one of them, with the theme of GEOSC 2022 being “Enhancing Geoscience Resources for Now and the Future”. It is hoped that students can give ideas and ideas by implementing geoscience in solving problems in the earth sector that are beneficial to people’s lives.

The team participated in three series of activities during the competition, namely Geochallenge, Fieldwork, and Geosketch. In the Geochallenge, the team made a prototype, namely “Mitigation and Emergency Response to Flood Disasters Using Early Warning System-Based Flood Detector”. They are aware that Indonesia cannot be separated from the presence of quite high rainfall which can result in the emergence of natural disasters such as floods. Therefore, a technology is needed as a means to facilitate the provision of information to the public in order to prevent and/or minimize the risk of a disaster, especially the problem of flooding.

The fieldwork began with an excursion at the Pamukkulu Dam, Talakar Regency, South Sulawesi, which was guided by a geologist for the construction of the Pamukkulu Dam. Participants visited several STAs that were interesting enough to observe and were shown examples of blasting. After that, participants are required to make a creative posters regarding the fieldtrip that has been done based on the existing data. This team brought the theme of “Analysis of the Geological Potential of Basalt Existence in the Pamukkulu Dam”, this is due to the abundance of basalt rock around the dam so it is interesting to investigate further. Furthermore, in Geosketch, participants drew sketches based on the geological observation at the location they had visited before.

The result of the competition was announced in the 51st IAGI Annual Convention and Exhibition (24th-27th October 2022), where all geologists in Indonesia gather in a meeting annual scientific. For their teamwork, our team won 3rd place and given the prizes by the committee. Participation in this competition not only results in winning achievements, but is also very useful in building networks and insights in the professional world for the team. Congratulations to Nanda and friends for their achievements, hopefully they will inspire all Undip Geological Engineering students.