Carrying out academic activities in the month of Ramadan is always a challenge for students in the Geological Engineering Study Program, Diponegoro University. Lecture and laboratory activities must be adjusted to the praying schedule, while field activities are temporarily delayed. This does not reduce the enthusiasm of students to hold non-academic activities under the student bureau. One of them is Rohis Nurul Ardli (RNA) who held an RNA Study for the Month of Ramadan on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 in Room 302 of the Pertamina Sukowati Building. The activities which were attended by students and lecturers of Geological Engineering were in the form of studies, QnA and mentoring, as well as iftar.

The event began with the recitation of Al Quran followed by remarks from Tri Winarno as the RNA Supervisor and Savikri Misbahul Umar as the head of RNA 2023. The speaker, Ilyas Musaddad from Izzati FT Undip, took the topic “Ramadan Brings Change”. The speaker delivered material regarding the characteristics of youth who always think critically and rationally. This knowledge can contribute according to the field of expertise in society. With a progressive pattern of thinking from students as agents of change, it is hoped that they can bring a better, prosperous and united nation. The study was closed with discussion and sharing between the speaker and the participants.

Approaching the time of iftar, the event was closed with a prayer together and distribution of takjil from the committee which provided 100 portions. Iftar was held warmly, for a moment the students gathered in a Ramadan family atmosphere that brought them closer to one another.