Another brilliant achievement was made by Geological Engineering students at the national level. This time the student delegation with the team’s name “ROCK MAN” consisting of 3 students on behalf of Muhammad Azhar Fadhlurrohman, Najwa Humaira Dirostimila, and Leony Isda Perkasa managed to win 2nd place in the scientific writing competition at the 8th Geophysics Whiz Event Seminar (GWES), organized by the University of Lampung. The scientific paper of the ROCK MAN team was successfully selected as the finalist defeating more than 50 papers from other teams at the national level and was invited to present their work at the University of Lampung on November 4-6, 2022. After this presentation stage, the ROCK MAN team was awarded the 2nd place in the competition.

GWES is an annual event organized by the University of Lampung which consists of paper competition, poster competition, Earth Olympiad, and several other competitions. In the paper competition, the stages are quite long. Starting from the registration which was opened in early September to the preliminary selection and presentation. This kind of competition is very positive for students to participate in, in addition to getting achievements as well as to increase networking with other universities in Indonesia.

Congratulations to the ROCK MAN team on their achievement. Hopefully other students can follow in gaining achievements. Bravo Geology!