Programme Educational Objectives

1. Earth Consultant Examiner of problems related to the earth sector (extraction, mitigation, and conservation) factual and applicable, providing solutions to these earth problems conceptually and engineering


2. Earth Researcher Reviewers of geological/geological engineering problems, both experimentally and/or literature studies and publish the results in scientific forums and journals 
3. Earth Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs whose business fields are related to commodities or equipment in the extraction, mitigation, and conservation of geological resources
4. Academic Candidates Creative, innovative educators and learning facilitators who master geological-geological engineering materials well, have the ability to use information technology to keep up with developments in geological engineering science
5. Earth Industry Workers Planning and implementing staff in the exploration-production/extraction industry, and mitigation and conservation of geological resources
6. Government Agency Staff to heads of agencies related to regulation, supervision, and policy makers in the extraction, mitigation, conservation of geological resources