In order to provide technical knowledge for graduates needed in the professional, the Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro provide education and training for students. Thanks to the facilities from the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of Central Java Province for Fiscal Year 2022, the Pre-First Operational Supervisor Training (Pre-POP) was held for our students on 12-16 July 2022.

Pre-POP is one of the requirements for the expertise of competent mining technical personnel according to the Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Number 26 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Mining Rules. The Central Java Energy and Mineral Resources Office organizes the event for 4 days in the form of classroom materials and 1 day in the form of excursions at the mining site. The training activity was attended by 25 students of Geological Engineering. The event was welcomed by Dr. Thomas (Head of Department) and opened by Mr. Agus Sugiharto (Head of Geominerba).

The speakers in this training are official staffs from PPSDM Geominerba, Bandung. The material was delivered using blended hybrid learning, where participants in the class interacted with speakers through online meetings on the first four days. The materials provided include Mining Regulations, Inspections, Mine Safety Regulations, Risk Identification, Mining Accident Investigations, Work Safety Analysis and Responsibilities. At the end of each material there is a discussion and work on the tasks carried out on the Geominerba PPSDM training application.

On the last day, participants were invited to take a field excursion at the andesite mining site owned by PT Jati Kencana Beton (JKB) located in Kandangan Village, Bawen District, Semarang Regency. The visit was accompanied by Mining Supervisors who accompanied the observation of mining activities and provided information and discussions for participants regarding the hands-on practice of what had been learned in the previous material.

The series of events took place smoothly and safely, as seen from the timeliness and good interaction between the speakers and participants. It is hoped that after attending this Pre-POP training, students will gain technical knowledge and expertise which after graduation can be applied in the professional especially in the mining management sector.