The DPW or Dinus Photo Walk competition is part of the DINUSFEST 2023 activity which consists of a national level Podcast and Photography Contest. In its implementation, the podcast competition consisted of two stages, namely the script selection stage followed by the reading of scripts that were declared to have passed the selection stage.

With the title “Building a Creative and Innovative Generation for the Nation, Rise to Work” which contains how the younger generation is able to become a creative and innovative generation in solving problems around them so that they can bring change for a better nation in this new year.

After being declared to have passed the script selection stage, the GARNET Podcast representative named the ANARA Team, which members are Juliana Marifah and Fira Inarotun Nuswah, presented the podcast according to the script which was made offline in the H7 auditorium hall of UDINUS on Thursday, January 26 2023 at around 11.30 WIB.

From the many participants consisting of various groups as delegates from their respective educational institutions, the ANARA Team, representing the GARNET Podcast, won third place in this national-level podcast competition.