Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) and Character Building (PENDIKAR) 2023/2024 are programs that must be followed by all new year students and are activities aimed at introducing and preparing them for the process of becoming mature and independent, speeding up the process adaptation to the new environment, and provide provisions for their success in pursuing education in the university. PKKMB activities aim to enable participants to understand the importance of the values and practices that regulate the campus environment, and to be able to cultivate attitudes that are in line with social norms in the campus environment. This form of activity contains a series of introductions to student life which are carried out offline. Meanwhile, PENDIKAR has the theme “Tough, Smart, Adaptive and Ethical” as a guide for participants in understanding and applying their character in the society.

This activity took place from 15th – 19th August 2023. This activity was attended by all new students of the 2023 class of Geological Engineering at Diponegoro University. It was organized by Division IV of Human Resource Development HMTG Magmadipa XVIII. Some of the things that will be discussed in this activity are:

  1. Explain campus culture and why it is important to understand the values and practices that govern the campus environment.
  2. Describe the core values that are upheld in campus life such as integrity, respect, collaboration and responsibility with campus entities.
  3. Explain the social norms that apply in interacting in the campus environment.
  4. Explain how ethics plays a role in the use of technology and social media on campus

The first day of activities was held on August 15th, 2023. The Geological Engineering Program for New Students (PKKMB) Introduction to Campus Life was officially opened by the Head of the Diponegoro University Geological Engineering Department, Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Ir. Thomas Triadi Putranto, S.T., M.Eng., IPU, ASEAN Eng. This opening event was attended by all lecturers and academic staff of the Geological Engineering Department. Introduction to the higher education system in Indonesia, Free Learning Curriculum – Independent Campus, Academic Regulations, Learning Methods – Introduction of SIAP, Nationalism and Civil Education, Culture, Ethics, and Campus Life Norms, Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence in Higher Education Environment, Entrepreneurship Clinic and Business Incubator (KKIB, and introduction to student activities and student organizations.

Implementation of PENDIKAR on the second and third days with lecturers as speaker accompanied by student facilitators. The second day’s activities include Self-Branding and Grouping, Understand Our Generation, Talent Show, Ethics, Preparedness and Disaster Mitigation with Simulation, and We are Pancasila. The third day’s event covered material on Inspirational Business Ideas: From Nobody to Someone, Leadership with Character, Inspirational and Promotive: from unknown to be well known, Integrity and Professionalism, Problem Solving, Declaration of Excellence (DoE) “UNDIP-COMPLETE.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, August 19 2023, as the last day, an outbound event and competition was held to commemorate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. The entire series of events on Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) and Character Education (PENDIKAR) in Geological Engineering in 2023 went well and smoothly.

Article by: Dr. Dian Agus Widiarso, ST, MT (Geological Engineering)