On Friday, September 20th 2019 the “Parent – Teacher Meeting 2019 at Department of Geological Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro” took place. This activity was intended to bridge the communication between the department manager and the parents of new students year 2019.

Head of Department, Mr. Najib, ST, M.Eng., Ph.D accompanied by Mrs. Devina, ST, M.Eng. as academic supervisor and Mr. Tri Winarno, ST, M.Eng as academic head supervisor, became representatives who served and explained to parents about lecture activities in the department. On this occasion, the manager explained a brief profile of the Department of Geological Engineering from its foundation until now. The thing most parents want to know besides the lecture system is an academic evaluation that needed to monitor the accuracy of a student’s study period. As stated in the 2017 Academic Regulations, academic evaluations are carried out at the end of Semesters III and VII by academic supervisor and are informed to the students’ parents. Mr. Najib invites parents to participate in a commitment to monitor the study progress

Interaction and dialogue going well. From this activity, parents learned about the teaching and learning process in Geological Engineering. More importantly, participants can understand the stages of the evaluation of the study period, student leave and withdrawal at Diponegoro University. Useful advices and suggestions provided by parents to our management for department’s improvement.