On Monday, 8 May 2023, the Department of Geological Engineering has held a guest lecture entitled “Mudlogging in Oil and Gas Drilling Operations”. The event was held with the aim of broadening the insights of Undip Geological Engineering students, especially for students who are taking Drilling Engineering courses. After attending the guest lecture, students are expected to get an overview and knowledge from practitioners who are directly involved in drilling activities in the oil and gas industry.

This event invited a speaker as a practitioner who has quite a lot of experience in the oil and gas industry, namely Mr. Mohamad Rofiq Al-Asy’ari. He works as a Mudlogging Analyst at Schlumberger Ltd., a global oil and gas service provider.

The interesting thing is that this activity has implemented an Outcome Based Education curriculum, namely by applying the Cooperative Learning (CL) method. The CL method is carried out by assigning students to describe and explain the function of the components of an oil well rig along with the mudlogging sensors attached to the rig components. The task is in the form of a poster assignment which is done in groups, where each group consists of 5 students. After the presentation of the material was delivered, the poster assignment was discussed together with the speakers. For students who can explain poster assignments and submit a good review of material previously presented, they will receive a souvenir from the speaker.

The event ran smoothly and the students looked very enthusiastic about participating in this event from start to finish. This was evidenced by the many questions posed by students, which were answered clearly by the resource person.

We hope that events like this can continue to be held by inviting practitioners, scientists, and academics who are experts in their respective fields, so that students will gain extensive knowledge and experience, especially in the industrial sector. This is felt to be very important because the industrial world is a new thing that will be faced by students after they finish their studies.

Bravo Geology!!!