Fire Extinguisher has become one of the OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) equipment that must be available in all buildings. Geological Engineering Department always includes OSH in its activities, so that the use of fire extinguisher is also a basic skill that needs to be mastered by the community in Geological Engineering. What’s more, Geological Engineering which is part of the Faculty of Engineering UNDIP has been certified K3 ISO 45001: 2018. As an effort to guarantee these OSH standards, since 2021 training has been routinely carried out on the use of fire extinguishers for Geological Engineering staff and students.

This year, training on how to use fire extinguisher was held on Monday, January 16, 2023, located in an open area right in front of the Geological Engineering Building. The briefing is delivered by a team that is certified and experienced in preventing work accidents. All participants who attended directly practiced the procedures for using fire extinguisher. Starting from knowing the source and type of material that causes a fire, how to position yourself towards the source of the fire, how to open the equipment, directing the hose and spraying the extinguisher at the source of the fire, to make sure the remaining flames are extinguished too. This routine training activity is of course part of Geology Engineering’s commitment to proactively maintain OSH management system standards in preventing work-related accidents, illnesses and diseases.