OHS Department of Geological Engineering

OHS Department of Geological Engineering

Department of Geological Engineering Universitas Diponegoro is committed to supporting the Faculty of Engineering in realizing the ISO 45001 OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) system. In college, application of OHS system aims to educational and practice activities in the laboratory can take place in a healthy, safe, and comfortable.

Evacuation Route

Evacuation route is a rescue route that can be used by all members of the Department of Geological Engineering to mobilize to a safer place when an emergency or disaster occurs. The evacuation routes at Department of Geological Engineering that occupy the Pertamina Sukowati Building (GPS) are as follows :

Danger and Warning Signs

OHS culture must be owned and always applied by every member of Department of Geological Engineering Universitas Diponegoro. Therefore, it is necessary to install danger and warning signs to remind them to always obey OHS. Here are the danger and warning signs that have been installed, including:

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is used to extinguish fire during an emergency situation. Fire extinguishers are placed on every floor and around laboratories / rooms that are easily accessible. There are also instructions on how to use it around the fire extinguisher. In addition, lecturers, employees, and student representatives have been trained on how to use it properly

Mitigation of Covid-19

Dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic situation, Department of Geological Engineering made efforts to prevent virus spreading by socializing prevention procedures and implementing the new normal protocol by installing banners placed on the 1st floor. In addition, a sink is also provided in front of the Pertamina Sukowati Building and hand sanitizers are placed in several fronts of the rooms.

OHS Poster at Every Laboratory

Every laboratory in Department of Geological Engineering has installed OHS posters. It aims to make it easier for each laboratory user to understand and be able to apply OHS principles in order to create a healthy, clean, and comfortable work environment during activities in the laboratory. Each poster has also been equipped with an important telephone number that can be contacted in case of an emergency.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) at Every Laboratory

The application of OHS principles has been applied in Department of Geological Engineering by making several SOP documents in each laboratory. Some of these SOP documents can be seen at the link below :

Internal Laboratory