Academic monitoring for final year students who are in the process of working on their thesis (Final Project) is a routine agenda of the Geological Engineering Department at the beginning of each semester. For the first time since the last 2 years, monitoring was carried out offline on Monday, August 15, 2022 in Room 202 of Pertamina Sukowati Building. This activity aims to monitor the students’ progress in doing the thesis and find out student problems that hinder it. In addition to students over Semester VIII, the activity was attended by the Head of the Department, Lecturer Guardian, Thesis Supervisor and Academic Coordinator.

A total of 22 students attended this event has given the advice and motivation of the Head of the Department regarding the thesis work process which will always be facilitated by the department in terms of administration and guidance. Based on discussions with students and supervisors, several problems that hinder students from being able to graduate on time can be overcome by always communicating and being proactive with their supervisors and being disciplined with the semester plans that have been prepared.

Graduating on time is an important indicator of the success of academic activities at Diponegoro University. This activity is expected to provide benefits in that direction and further stimulate students’ effort and motivation to complete the thesis on time according to the target.