Faculty of Engineering students who are members of the M&G19 Team, consisting of Muhammad Farhan Alfiadi (Geological Engineering), Amar Jihad Fadillah (Geological Engineering), Daffa Shaquille (Mechanical Engineering), and Belly Ali Rakhmadhansyah (Mechanical Engineering) won 3rd place in the Geothermal Case Study Competition – Petroleum Incorporated Fair (PI FAIR) which will be held on July 27 – September 10, 2021. The Petroleum Engineering Study Program at Trisakti University organizes this event under the student organization HMJ, SPE Student Chapter, and IATMI Student Section.

The event with the theme “Towards a New Era of Smart Global Energy through Optimization and Geothermal Development” answers the challenge of how to optimize geothermal energy potential in the current global era. Geothermal is one of the energy sources that supports the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). In this competition, students conduct 3G studies (geology, geochemistry, and geophysics) of a geothermal prospect area, determine drilling strategies, and estimate the amount of geothermal energy resources. The purpose of this case study is to develop students’ abilities in overcoming the technical problems of geothermal energy development that are currently faced by industry, which of course are in accordance with the disciplines studied by students.

With this achievement, the M&G19 Team gained knowledge and expertise as the purpose of the activity, added experience in competition, and received appreciation and awards from the organizers.