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Anis Kurniasih is lecturer at the Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University. She holds the bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering from Diponegoro University in 2010 and continued her master’s in Geological Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology. After she graduated with a master’s degree in 2013, she began her career as lecturer and researcher in Diponegoro University. Her research focuses on paleontology, biostratigraphy, and quaternary geology especially in recent sedimentology.

PTGL6010 Macro-paleontology

PTGL6018 Stratigraphy

PTGL6017 Geological Field Methods

PTGL6025 Micro-paleontology

PTGL6026 Historical Geology

LTGL6054 Quaternary Geology

LTGL6064 Palinology

LTGL6063 Marine Geology

    • 2022. Sedimentary Analysis at the Estuary of the West and East Flood Canal, Semarang, Central Java
    • 2018. Stratigraphic analysis of Elat Formation’s limestones based on stratigraphic cross-sectional measurements in the South Kei Besar Region, Kei Besar District, Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku
    • 2017. Foraminifera Analysis and its Application in Tsunami Deposit Identification in the Northeastern coast of Simeulue Island, Aceh
    • 2017. Paleoecological Analysis of The Sentolo Formation Based on the Abundance of Foraminifera in the Stratigraphic Section of Pengasih and its Surrounding Area, Kulonprogo Regency, Yogyakarta
    • 2017. Analysis of Foraminifera Distribution as Ecological Indicators in Weda Bay Waters, North Maluku

    Selected Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals and International Proceedings

    Kurniasih, A., Kusumawijaya, E., Ferdy, F., Fahrudin, F., and Setyawan, R., 2021. Biostratigraphy analysis of Barbatos-1 exploration well in Tomori Block, Banggai Basin, East Arm of Sulawesi. Jurnal Riset Geologi dan Pertambangan, 31 (1). DOI:

    Nugroho, S.H., Zaim, Y., Yulianto, E., Rizal, Y., Kurniasih, A., Putra, S.P., Wibowo, S.P.A., and Amar, A., 2021. A preliminary study in vertical distribution of planktonic foraminifera and marine ecological conditions of Simeulue sub-basin, Aceh, Indonesia. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia, vol. 72, 137 – 149.

    Winarni, W., Kurniasih, A., Nugroho, S.H., Marin, J., Setyawan, R., Putra, S.P., and Yulianto, E., 2020. Karakteristik endapan tsunami berdasarkan bukti palinologi dan sedimentologi di bagian timur Pulau Simeulue, Aceh, Indonesia. Jurnal Kelautan Tropis, vol. 23 (1).

    Kurniasih, A., Qadaryati, N., and Setyawan, R., 2019. Surface geological investigation as the initial stage of hydrocarbon exploration in Kei Besar Island, Southern Maluku, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 279, 012018.


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    • 2022. Socialization and Mitigation of Flood Disasters for Elementary School Students in Public Elementary School Tlogosari, Semarang, Central Java.
    • 2020. Zonation Mapping of Land Movement Prone Area in Blumah Village, Plantungan District, Kendal Regency.
    • 2018. Development of the Watu Bujel Area as a Tourism Object in Kalinampu, Jarum Village, Bayat District, Klaten Regency.
    • 2017. Introduction of Earth Science with the theme “Rocks and Fossils Around Us” for Elementary School Students in Banjararum Village, Kalibawang District, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta.