On Friday morning, October 14, 2022, the Department of Geological Engineering visited a group of students and teachers from SMAN 2 Semarang. The arrival of the students and teachers was in the context of a Lab Tour visit or visits to laboratories in the Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University. The visit, which was attended by around 14 students and 2 accompanying teachers, was well received by the Heads of the Laboratory and lecturers at the Geological Engineering Department. During his visit, the students were invited to tour the four laboratories and one computer studio in the Geological Engineering Department.

This laboratory visit activity took place enthusiastically, starting with a visit to the Geodynamics Laboratory, the students were introduced to sandbox modeling to model rock deformation by tectonic forces, a stereoscope to see 3D formations from two side-by-side satellite images, as well as interactive visual aids for topographic contours (augmented reality).

Laboratory visits continued to the Computer Studio. Here students are shown computers used for practicals that require computational skills such as Geocomputing, Geological Engineering Drawing, and Groundwater Modeling. Students are also invited to see computer workstations for research or final projects that require higher graphics and computing abilities.

After visiting the Computer Studio, the visit continued to the Environmental Geology Laboratory. In this laboratory, students are shown drilling tools along with their drilled rock cores which are commonly used for Engineering Geology research, geoelectric tools to determine subsurface conditions through the electrical response given by rocks when electricity is injected, as well as rock testing tools to determine engineering geological characteristics of the rock.The next visit to the Energy Resources Laboratory. The laboratory contains many zoom stereo microscopes which are used to observe microfossils for age analysis and depositional environment. In this laboratory, fossils commonly used for Paleontology subject as well as sediment preparation tools for laboratory work and research related to sedimentology are also shown.The last visit was made to the Mineral Resources Laboratory. The laboratory, which has many polarizing microscopes, is an attractive destination for students. In the laboratory, it is explained how to use a polarizing microscope to observe rock incisions and analyze them. The laboratory also displays rock samples related to geothermal exploration and metal ores. Not to forget, in this laboratory, crystal formation models are also shown.According to Mrs. Intan Ayu Dewi, S.Pd. and Mrs. Noor Fatma, S.Pd., a Geography teacher who guides and accompanies the students on laboratory visits, activities like this are very beneficial for the students. Besides the students being able to see firsthand the teaching aids related to geology, the students became more motivated in learning about geosciences after seeing and hearing directly the explanations from the lecturers regarding the tools and visuals in the laboratory. “We hope that this kind of cooperation can continue in the future,” said Mrs. Intan at the end of the visit.