As a part of community service program, the Department of Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University is collaborating with RRI Semarang through the “Kentongan: Lintas Semarang Sore” program. Kentongan is an education program for the public regarding natural disasters that is broadcast by PRO1 RRI Semarang via FM 89.0 MHz and the streaming platform. This collaborative program has been going on since 2018. Initially, this program was aired every Wednesday, 16.30-17.00 WIB. However, starting in January 2023, this program will only air once a month, namely every second Wednesday at 16.30-17.00 WIB.

This program is broadcast live, through telephone interviews. The event is guided by a presenter with scheduled resource persons. The topics discussed were in the form of natural disaster problems that have the potential to occur in the Semarang and Central Java areas in general. Topics that have been discussed in the Kentongan program include: landslides, floods, subsidence, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, active faults in Semarang City, hot mudflows, illegal mining hazards, tsunamis, tidal and tidal disasters and other disaster topics.

It is hoped that the information provided will benefit the community, especially those living near disaster-prone areas. Communities are expected to be aware and know what potential disasters exist around their homes, so that they can take anticipatory and mitigating actions against disasters that might occur. In addition, it is also hoped that cooperation between the local government (RT/RW) and related parties such as the BPBD can be well established so that the community knows who to contact when a disaster occurs. Thus the benefits of the Kentongan program can be felt by the community, in minimizing the occurrence of victims and losses caused by disasters. This program is related with the SDGs agenda, which is promoting DRR (disaster risk reduction) through education.