After more than two years of online lectures due to the pandemic, the academic activities in Geological Engineering will be carried offline this year. To start activities at the beginning of academic year 2022-2023, the new students admitted this year was assembled into an event entitled “Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB) and Character Building (Pendikar)”. A total of 148 new Geological Engineering students participated in this event which was held at Pertamina Sukowati Building.

The committee, consisted of staff and student association, managed the activity by implementing health protocols. The committee and participants were divided into two separate rooms to accommodate maximum 80 person each room for better air circulation. The organizing committee has prepared a set of proper equipment so that the presenters can simply delivered the sessions in one room to be broadcasted live in another room.

PKKMB session aims to introduce campus life to new students. The material presented includes an introduction to department profiles, an introduction to online-based teaching systems, and academic regulations. Meanwhile, character building sessions were carried out with the aim of building the character of new students, consist of ethics, freedom to have opinion, and leadership. Hopefully with the implementation of the activities, new students can carry out academic activities well and achieve good results in the Geological Engineering Department of Universitas Diponegoro.