Bravo Geology!

Ilham Muhammad, student of Geological Engineering Diponegoro University from year 2019, has been successfully selected as the 1st place winner in the Outstanding Student Competition (PILMAPRES) 2022 at the university level. Having previously been chosen to represent the Faculty of Engineering, Ilham managed to get rid of competitors from other faculties and became the champion. The second and third place were followed by representatives from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Ilham’s struggle has not ended, because after this, he will still continue the same competition at the regional and national levels. Mentoring will continue to be carried out by the team from Diponegoro University in the hope that Ilham can win the PILMAPRES at higher levels.

For the Geological Engineering Department itself, this achievement is very notable. The title of 1st place for The Most Outstanding Student (Mawapres) at the university level has never been achieved by a Geological Engineering student before, so Ilham has registered himself as the first Geological Engineering UNDIP student to represent the university at the regional and national level. The best achievement in the previous PILMAPRES ever achieved by an UNDIP Geological Engineering student was 3rd place at the university level in 2009 by Aveliansyah, year of 2006.

Hopefully Ilham’s achievements continue to shine and can inspire other Geological Engineering students to produce achievements at national and international levels.

Contributor: Anis Kurniasih