IKA Geodipa Alumni Association

IKA Geodipa is an alumni association organization of the Department of Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University which was founded in 2009.


Create the Geological Engineering Alumni Association of Diponegoro University (IKA-GEODIPA) as a professional organization that is useful for alumni with close and beneficial kinship for the academic community, alumni, and society and strengthen the integrity of professional solidarity, partnership, and member welfare for the advancement of science and technology in the life of nation and state.


  • Fostering and developing a family spirit between alumni and academics as well as establishing a sense of continuity between alumni of the Geology Engineering of Diponegoro University.
  • Providing excellent service in post-graduate aspects to the alumni of Geology Engineering, Diponegoro University.
  • Conduct activities in the context of developing science and knowledge in the field of geology.
  • Participate in preparing and fostering human resources Diponegoro University’s Geological Engineering Alumni Association (IKA-GEODIPA) is qualified and professional and has a commitment to the world of geology.
  • Realizing and enhancing professionalism and competitiveness by developing the potential and increasing the competence of the Geology Engineering Alumni of Diponegoro University and providing a sense of benefit to the community
  • Contributing critical, strategic and futuristic thoughts to various groups for the sake of progress, competitiveness, partnership and member welfare in facing changes in the progress of science and knowledge.
  • Raising and enhancing partnerships with various groups in order to strengthen positions from various sources.