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Celebrate 18th Anniversary of HMTG Magmadipa with Social Services at Ar-Rodiyah Orphanage

It has been 18 years since HMTG Magmadipa was formed, since December 16th 2004 until now it has become a gathering place for all Geological Engineering students at Diponegoro University. On this...

Geological Engineering Department Celebrate this Year’s Achievement: Excellent Accreditation and National Most Outstanding Student

The Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University continues to make extraordinary achievements in 2022. After obtaining Excellent Accreditation from BAN-PT in...

Pre-First Operational Supervisor Education and Training For Student

In order to provide technical knowledge for graduates needed in the professional, the Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Diponegoro provide education and...

Geological Mapping in Bayat has ben Returned!

The 2020 Geological Engineering student has just completed a series of geological mapping at the Bayat Geological Site, Klaten, Central Java. After two years of the pandemic, Geological Engineering...

Field Lecture at Patiayam Archaeological Site, Kudus, Central Java

Field lectures for Geological Engineering students are important, not only to support their understanding in geological theory, but also to experience the geological phenomena in the field. It is...



Podcast Garnet Won 3rd in the Podcast Script Competition DPW Udinus

The DPW or Dinus Photo Walk competition is part of the DINUSFEST 2023 activity which consists of a national level Podcast and Photography Contest. In its implementation, the podcast competition...

The ROCK MAN, Geological Engineering UNDIP Student Delegation Won 2nd Place in “The 8th Annual GWES” Lampung

Another brilliant achievement was made by Geological Engineering students at the national level. This time the student delegation with the team’s name "ROCK MAN" consisting of 3 students on behalf...

Congratulations! Student Team from SM-IAGI UNDIP Won 3rd Place in GEOSC Makassar

Geological Engineering Department students represented by M Nanda Ardi (2019), Aulia Rahman (2020), and Aditya Surya Pratama (2020) won achievements in the national level geology student...

Bravo! Ilham Muhammad Won 1st as National’s Most Outstanding Student

Ilham Muhammad again set a milestone in the achievements of Geological Engineering students at the national level. Having previously been selected as a representative of Diponegoro University in the...

Undip Geological Engineering Student Got 3rd Place at Derrick’s International Geothermal Case Study Competition

The joint team consisting of students from the Geological Engineering Department, namely Patricya Naomi Saragi, Tania Chriselda Ganet,  Mutiara Greeta Rieska Surbakti, Lusiana Indah Pratiwi from the...

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Being one of the first graduate of Geological Engineering, we not only acquired hard skills but more than that, we were also taught soft skills about “How to survive and struggle”. These abilities are what we equip and in fact in the world of work both are very much needed to be a geologist


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Geological Hazards Research Center, National Research and Innovation Agency

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