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Video Contest for Geological Engineering’s 17th Birthday

Diponegoro University Geological Engineering has entered its 17th year. Established on August 4, 2004 under the Faculty of Engineering, this study program has developed into one of the leading Geological Engineering study programs in Indonesia. During 17 years of...

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Schedule of Tuition Fee Payment and New Student Registration Verification for Diploma IV/Applied Science of Vocational School Jalur Seleksi Mandiri Tahun Akademik 2017-2018

Soft Skill Training of ”Pembekalan Calon Wisudawan Periode April Tahun 2017″
Students of the 5th to the end Semester must be present on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017, at 7.30 in Dekanat Building, 3rd Floor, Engineering Faculty, Diponegoro University for Soft Skill Training of “Pembekalan Calon Wisudawan Periode April Tahun 2017 untuk Menghadapi Dunia Kerja” Engineering Faculty, Diponegoro University.

UNDIP Employees Attendance Data on October 2017
We hereby enclosed the record of UNDIP Employees Attendance Data on October 2017. For your information we reported that every assignment letter or similar evidences must be sent into UNDIP Employee Affairs Board at the end of the month or before the beginning of the subsequent month. The information of employees office hour accumulation can be obtained at .Thank you.

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