After completing a series of group mapping activities at Bayat in July, Geological Engineering students at Diponegoro University continued geological mapping activities as a basis for practicing their abilities individually in collecting field data which includes geomorphological data, stratigraphic data, and structural geology data. There were 127 students who took part in the independent mapping this year, spread from Boyolali Regency, Central Java Province to Blora Regency, Central Java Province, with an area of 25 km2 per student.

This series of activities begins on July 26th-27th 2023, started with preparation stage which includes providing base maps and field geological tools. Discussion with supervisors and reconnaissance begins on July 28th-31th, after which students continue to carry out geological mapping activities in the field independently for approximately two weeks starting from August 1st to 13th. During this activity, field checking by lecturers are conducted. From August 14th to October 30th, data processing and analysis was carried out after completing field data collection. Students conducted more detailed data analysis  and laboratory work such as petrographic analysis of rock thin section, paleontological analysis, and structural geology analysis.

Geological Engineering student in a rock outcrop in the field as part of geological mapping activity

The results of this analysis will be summarized and accounted for in a poster exhibition that will be held on October 10th-12th. Finally, the students must make a final presentation of their mapping result on November 27th-29th. It is hoped that the series of activities will improve students’ abilities in conducting geological mapping and hopefully the 2023 geological mapping activities will be completed without any significant obstacles.