Geological Engineering students achieved proud achievements at the national level. The achievement was the 1st place at the national level in a design competition held by Micromine Indonesia with the title “Micromine Competition 2022”. The students who won this achievement were Arindha Prameswari and Aisyah Ghalda Lamis, both of whom were students of Geological Engineering class 2019.

“Micromine Competition 2022” is a design competition of coal geometry where participants analyze drilling data to model and calculate the quality and quantity of coal resources using Micromine software. The UNDIP delegation team managed to enter the final round and won the competition after undergoing a series of very tight competition activities.

This achievement shows that Geological Engineering students can compete in the mining sector with students from other institutions. Hopefully with this achievement, other students will be more motivated to continue to compete and improve achievements in all fields of science.