The Geological Engineering Student Association (HMTG) held an event entitled “Magmadipa Expo” on 29th  and 30th of May 2023. The activity which was held in the courtyard of the Pertamina Sukowati Building campus was held in order to introduce the Geology Engineering intra-campus organization to students of class 2022. The Magmadipa Expo contained booths which provides all information from all fields in the student association, community, and student bureau.

The activity which lasted for two days was attended by all students of class 2022 as a means for them to get to know more about student organizations bodies in the Geological Engineering environment. HMTG through the Interests and Talents Division facilitates the Geology Engineering student community to show their respective achievements and track records which are displayed in various forms and titles at the stands of each organization. Also, through the Magmadipa Expo, HMTG hopes that students from class 2022, as the youngest class recently, will be interested in joining various existing student organizations so they can hone their soft skills.

Even though this activity was carried out on an off-week, the participants looked enthusiastic in participating the event. Hopefully by holding the Magmadipa Expo, class 2022 students will get to know student organizations in the Geological Engineering and HMTG to get the next generation who can contribute to advancing Geological Engineering in the future.


Enthusiasm of new student during EXPO


HMTG member during EXPO