After the 1444 H Eid holiday, a number of Undip Geological Engineering Department lecturers and students conducted field surveys for the Oil and Gas Geology course activities. This course was held in semester 6 and for the class of 2020. This field survey aims to prepare for the excursion activities to be carried out in May with the aim of the Blora and surrounding areas.

Blora is one of the oil producing areas in Indonesia. Blora has several oil and gas fields operated by several companies, such as PT Pertamina EP and several other private companies. Oil and gas production from Blora is very important to the Indonesian economy and also a source of income for the local area. Apart from being operated by several large companies, petroleum in Blora Regency and its surroundings is also managed by the local community through cooperatives or regionally owned enterprises (BUMD).

Field excursions are very important for Undip Geological Engineering Department students to deepen their understanding of geology, especially regarding the petroleum system in the East Java Basin and the old oil mining process in the Blora area. In excursion activities, students can see directly the field conditions and geology in the area, such as stratigraphy, geological structure, and the types and properties of the rocks found in the area. With hands-on experience in the field, students can get a more real and in-depth picture of the geological conditions and management of natural resources in Indonesia. In addition, excursions can also help students gain practical experience in making observations, measurements, and collecting important field data in geology.

Thus, an excursion to the field can be a very valuable experience for Undip Geological Engineering Department students to develop their skills in applying geology in the field and gain a deeper understanding of the petroleum system in the North East Java Basin and the old oil mining process in the area.