The Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, is committed to always improving the quality of education and its graduates. One of them is by conducting regular evaluations to find out the progress of student studies. Entering the Odd Semester 2023-2024, academic monitoring activities are being held for final year students who are in the process of working on the thesis as their Final Project. Apart from aiming to monitor the development of student progress in working on the thesis, activities are also carried out to find out student problems that hinder its progress. The meeting was held on Friday, 18 August 2023 which was attended by students of Class 2017 and 2018, Department Heads, Academic Guides, Supervisors and Academic Coordinator.

Short brief by Academic Coordinator about academic evaluation

As many as 16 students attended this activity to listen to the appeal and motivation from the Head of the Department regarding the process of working on the Final Project which will always be facilitated by the department both in terms of administration and mentoring. Several student problems were conveyed related to obstacles in completing studies. For example, there are students who still have to repeat and improve basic courses so they cannot focus on doing their research. The challenges of carrying out research in the form of difficulty in obtaining data, technical problems in processing and analysis, and lack of references are often the reasons of student’s demotivation.

These various obstacles become our concern to find a solution, including by always communicating with the supervisor and preparing a semester plan that must be followed strictly. The Academic Coordinator encourages students to complete the required documents so that they will be able to submit their research for thesis defense smoothly.

We hoped that this activity will provide benefits for students so that they can graduate on time, according to one of the department’s targets to meet important indicators of the success of academic activities.