The Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University continues to make extraordinary achievements in 2022. After obtaining Excellent Accreditation from BAN-PT in August, one of the students, Ilham Muhammad, won the highest award as Most Outstanding Student at the national level. This achievement deserves to be appreciated and grateful for by the entire Geological Engineering family. On Friday, October 14, 2022, a celebration event was held which was attended by all lecturers, education staff, and students.

The committee arranged the event at the end of the midterm and was held in the courtyard of the Pertamina Sukowati Building. Before the start of the event, hundreds of students dressed in HMTG Magmadipa jacket held a victory parade for Ilham from the campus gate to the department’s building. The vehicle convoy was lively but orderly with permission from the security forces.

The group was welcomed in the courtyard of the building by guests, including the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and the Chairperson of IKA Geodipa. The speech from the faculty was given by Prof. Siswo Sumardiono as Deputy Dean I for Academic and Student Affairs. He expressed his pride in the achievements of the Geological Engineering Department and the faculty’s support so that in the future the achievements will be maintained. In this event, the department and alumni association gave gifts as an appreciation to the National’s Most Outstanding Student.

The event continued with ‘potong tumpeng’ as the symbolism of gratitude for the achievement of Excellent Accreditation and student achievements. Furthermore, all invitees and participants are welcome to eat together while connect with each other as the Geological Engineering big family.