New Student Orientation Class of 2023 for Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University was held in August.  This event aims to enable participants to understand the importance of the values and practices that regulate the campus environment, and to be able to cultivate attitudes that are in line with social norms in the campus environment. One of the activities is introducing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) to the new students.

OHS is a risk management unit at the Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University to ensure the safety and health of the work environment in all departments. In this event, new students were given an introduction to OHS, one of which was the safety drill activity.

Safety drill is an exercise or simulation designed to train people to deal with certain emergencies or emergency situations in certain environments. The goal is to prepare people to react appropriately and efficiently in real emergency situations. Examples of safety drills include fire drills in buildings or earthquake drills. In situations like these, participants will learn the steps to take to ensure their own safety and that of others around them. Safety drills are essential to ensure that people have the knowledge and skills necessary to handle emergency situations safely. This also helps reduce confusion and panic that might occur in a real emergency.

In this safety drill activity, the entire academic community including students, lecturers, education staff, cleaning staffs, and security officers were involved in carrying out a simulation related to a fire occurring in the Geological Engineering Department building. This activity was led by the Chair of the OHS Department of Geological Engineering, Vanadia Martadiastuti, ST, M.Eng., M.Eng. and the person in charge of each floor (captain floor) is six people, distributed between two people per floor and tasked with directing evacuation routes and scanning each room. Then there are two people at the assembly point whose job is to direct the assembly point. Apart from that, first aid officers are also prepared as the first rescue and security team in case something untoward happens. It is hoped that this activity can provide knowledge to the entire academic community in the event of an emergency so as to minimize casualties, because experience is the best teacher.

Article by: Wahyu Budhi Khorniawan, ST, MT (Geological Engineering)