Semarang (01/11/2023) – Community Service (PkM) is an inseparable component of the Pillars of Higher Education, namely higher education which involves three main pillars: education, research and community service. This PkM activity with the theme “Socialization and Flood Disaster Mitigation” refers to the geographical condition of Semarang City, which is vulnerable to flood disasters. Several areas in Semarang City, including Pedurungan District, are areas that often experience flooding due to suboptimal water management patterns and high rainfall.

Seeing the significant social, economic and public health impacts caused by flooding, the PkM Team from the Geological Engineering Department feels responsible for providing education and understanding to the community, especially to more vulnerable groups such as children in elementary schools. In order to increase community preparedness for flood disasters, the PkM Team from the Department of Geological Engineering Undip has held a Community Service (PkM) activity entitled “Flood Disaster Socialization and Mitigation.” This event was held at Public Elementary School of Tlogosari Kulon 06, Pedurungan District, Semarang City, Central Java.

The event opened with a warm welcome from Mr. Fahrudin ST.MT, as the supervisor of PkM activities, who conveyed the importance of public awareness of the potential dangers of flooding and the mitigation efforts that can be carried out. In his speech, he underlined the important role of education in maintaining the safety of citizens, especially children at school. The main presentation of the activity was delivered by the main speaker, Mr. Najib, ST, M.Eng., Ph.D. Mr Najib explained in detail the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk and impact of flooding in the surrounding environment. This material includes basic knowledge about the causes of flooding, climate change, and mitigation strategies that can be implemented by local communities, especially elementary school children.

Socialization and Mitigation of Flood Disasters to Children at SDN Tlogosari Kulon 06 in the Classroom

The interactive session was carried out through a quiz organized by Mrs. Vanadia Martadiastuti, S.T., M.Eng., M.Eng and Mrs. Devina Trisnawati, S.T., M.Eng. This quiz is designed not only to test participants’ understanding, but also as a fun educational tool. Questions regarding flood disaster mitigation are presented in a relaxed but still informative style. The enthusiasm of the participants was seen from their active participation in the question and answer session and quizzes. The students engaged to the presenters’ explanations, while cheerful smiles appeared on their faces as they took part in the quiz which was full of fun.

This event ended with a symbolic handover of flood disaster mitigation posters and a set of cleaning tools to the school’s Head Principal, Mrs. Dra. Anna Dwiyani, S.Pd. Then, it was closed by Muhammad Nafis Ubaidillah and Anang Nasrudin Mahfud as MCs who had guided the activities well. They managed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout the event, making every moment memorable for everyone present.

Symbolic Handover of a Flood Disaster Mitigation Poster and a Set of Cleaning Tools to the Head Principal

This initiative shows the commitment of the  Geological Engineering Department PkM Team in contributing directly to the community and increasing awareness of the dangers of flooding. It is hoped that the knowledge provided can be implemented by the surrounding community so that the potential risk of flood disasters can be minimized, and collective safety becomes a top priority.

Article by: M Nafis Ubaidillah and Anang Nasrudin M (student of Geological Engineering)