Patiayam is a paleontological site that stores various types of fossil evidence of life in the past which located at Jekulo District, Kudus Regency, Central Java. This site has been managed by the local government through the Patiayam Prehistoric Museum with a collection of important fossils and artifacts, but may not be fully understood by the local community due to limited information. This can result in a lack of appreciation and appreciation for this prehistoric cultural heritage, especially among the younger generation who may not fully understand the importance of preserving their cultural heritage.

This condition is the background for a team of Diponegoro University Geological Engineering lecturers to carry out the Tri Dharma of Higher Education activities at the Patiayam Site in 2023. The activity begins with community service as an effort to fill information gaps and increase public understanding of prehistoric life and civilization in Patiayam. By using information media that is interesting and easy to access, it is hoped that messages about the rich history and prehistoric culture can be conveyed more effectively to museum visitors and the general public. Apart from that, community service also aims to involve local residents, including tour guides and local guides, in efforts to preserve and spread knowledge about prehistoric life and  civilizations. By providing training and support, they can become cultural ambassadors who play an active role in introducing prehistoric sites to visitors and the wider community.

Fossil and artifact collection at Patiayam Museum

The activities carried out were field surveys and literature studies regarding geological and paleontological conditions at the Patiayam Site. The results of this geological research and investigation will be presented in the form of information media in the form of posters in museums and fossil discovery locations in the field. In the future, the team plans to conduct more in-depth research regarding paleontology and geological history at this site.

It is hoped that through this activity, the Patiayam Prehistoric Museum can become more relevant and more open to the public, thereby increasing public interest and participation in preserving and appreciating this valuable prehistoric cultural heritage. With a better understanding of the past, the people of Patiayam can strengthen their cultural identity and raise awareness of the importance of preserving cultural heritage for their future.