In 2019 Geological Engineering through LPPM Undip conducted a study collaboration with PHE OSES. This study was conducted in the Sunda Basin and the Asri Basin which are located east of Sumatra and north of the western part of Java Island. This study focuses on bedrock intervals with the aim of determining carbonation potential, the movement of the ability of fractures formed to be able to capture carbon dioxide that migrates into the fracture, – Determining target intervals in basalt sandstone reservoirs, Determining prospect areas for specific hydrocarbon potential in the area to be drilled in 2020, and made an analogue basement fracture model from the analysis results by comparing surface conditions. For the sake of the smoothness and success of this work, Geological Engineering Together with LPPM Undip collaborated with one of the leading Geomodellers in Indonesia, namely Abdul Latif Setyadi S.T., M.T. as a senior Geomodeller as well as a technical advisor.
One of the results of this is the financing of games that are quite prospective, namely the Thistle, Ambar and Krisna Structure. The Krisna and Widuri structures have been drilled in 2020, while Ambar still needs further study. Therefore, Geological Engineering through LPPM Undip continues the Collaborative study with PHE OSES.
In 2022 the study began to be continued by Geological Engineering but there was a change in the team. Previously this study was chaired by Reddy Setyawan S.T., M.T, while in this follow-up study chaired by Dr. Andang Bachtiar. Apart from changing the team leader, this study also collaborated with several experts from institutions outside Undip, including Dr. M. Syaiful as overpressure specialist, Leonard Lisapaly, PhD as senior geophysicist, Ghufron Fauzi, S.T, M.Sc. as a geomechanical specialist, and Purnama Ary Suandhi, S.T, M.T. as geomodeller. Apart from collaborating with experts from other institutions, this study was also carried out by an internal team from Geological Engineering, including Reddy Setyawan, S.T, M.T. as a stratigrapher, Ahmad Syauqi Hidayatillah, S.T. M.T. and Hasnan Luthfi Dalimunte S.T., M.T. as a structural geologist.
The objectives of this study are to conduct maturation prospects for basement cracks and basalt sands, to obtain an overview of structural geological reconstruction, to predict pore pressure values, to characterize the mechanical properties of rock pressure, and to perform a top seal analysis for the Gumai Formation. This study is planned to be carried out in 10 months, and is targeted for completion in April 2023. In the 2019 and 2022 studies, fieldwork was also carried out to obtain an analogue with the latest geological processes. The 2019 fieldwork was carried out on Lake Toba, while in 2023 it was carried out in Flores.