This activity is a general lecture to give us insight on the development  marine geology. Marine geology scope is every geological aspects that encompasses sea and ocean. This activity was held on Thursday (11/14/2019) in the Department of Geological Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University, which was participated by lecturers and active students. The target of this activity is aimed more at active students.

The lecture was delivered by Mr. Satria Antoni, Master and PhD graduates at Marine Geology of King Abdulaziz University. He shared his experiences in studies and research in the field of marine geology that are relevant to the geological setting in Indonesia. In addition to the presentation of material on marine geology, he also conveyed the experience of obtaining scholarships for S2 and S3 studies in Saudi Arabia. The scholarships found are very fulfilling and support study and life in the country. After graduating, many multinational companies are ready to accept graduates from King Abdulaziz University. This certainly provides motivation for students who are interested in continuing their studies abroad.

By carrying out this activity, it is expected to increase the sensitivity of students themselves in thinking broader about the scientific disciplines of geology and being more active in taking all available opportunities.