The opportunities for graduates of Geological Engineering in the professional world are wide open. Various industrial sectors such as mining and energy, government institutions, academics, and entrepreneurship need graduates with adequate competencies. Based on the topic, the Geological Engineering Department held a general lecture with the theme “Important Key Traits for a New Employee: Key Message for Graduating Students”. The speakers for the event were Mr. Ir. Edi Bambang Setyobudi who is a retired oil and gas practitioner. Pak Edi has a career in the oil and gas world from 1980-2011. After that, he served as lecturer in the Geological Engineering Department in 2013-2020.

The event was hosted by Nurakhmi QadaryatI, ST, M.Eng. and Narulita Santi, ST, M.Eng through an online webinar on Thursday, January 28, 2021 with audiences from lecturers and students from the Geological Engineering Department, full-time lecturers, and alumni who are members of IKA Geodipa.

In the lecture, Mr. Edi shared his experiences in a career in the oil and gas sector, from his assignment as Temporary Foreign Assignment in various countries to becoming Advisor to President Director at PT Medco E&P Indonesia. After retiring, it has been a wish for a long time to be able to share the knowledge and experience as a teacher. The offer to teach at the Geological Engineering Department was an opportunity that felt right so he decided to move to Semarang to become a teaching staff at Universitas Diponegoro.

Based on this experience, Mr. Edi explained that a career in the oil and gas sector is still very promising even though currently the energy mix is ​​towards developing renewable energy. He provides some messages and advice for students or graduates who want to build a professional career. Competence is the main thing needed in the world of work, so whatever job we want, we have to go through various tests to get into it. Competence includes technical matters (knowledge and expertise) as well as soft skills or behavior. Meanwhile, emotional intelligence is the key to a successful career in the future. There is always be changes in every career journey, so in order to survive, we must understand and accept that change is inevitable: be patient, be able to adapt, and maintain social interactions with those around us.

Mr. Najib, ST, M.Eng., Ph.D as the head of the department thanked Mr. Edi for serving and sharing his extraordinary knowledge with the Geological Engineering Department. Appreciation was also conveyed by lecturer representatives, Mr. Reddy Setyawan, ST, MT, retired lecturer Ir. Hadi Nugroho, Dipl.EGS, MT and representatives of alumni and students. Many alumni and students were inspired and impressed by his discipline, reliability, and patience in educating them. Currently Mr. Edi is no longer an official staff, but we hope that his experience and knowledge will always be shared through sharing events like this in the future.