Field lectures for Geological Engineering students are important, not only to support their understanding in geological theory, but also to experience the geological phenomena in the field. It is normal for Geological Engineering students to spend their free time studying in the field, as they did on Sunday, May 28, 2022. A total of approximately 130 Geological Engineering students in their second semester (class of 2021) attended field lectures led by lecturers and assistants.

The field lecture, which was held at the Patiayam Archaeological Site, Kudus, Central Java, is a routine end-of-semester agenda involving three courses, namely Petrology, Sedimentology, and Macro-paleontology. In this activity, students had the opportunity to see and observe the unique geological condition of the Patiayam Site.

The Patiayam site is located on the border between Kudus Regency and Pati Regency. This site is one of the important archaeological sites because it is rich in paleontological remains in the form of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils as well as traces of Palaeolithic cultural heritage.

During the activity at the Patiayam Site, students visited the Patiayam Museum where they could observe various types of animal fossils on display, including ancient elephant (Stegodon) tusks fossils, buffalo fossils, turtle fossils, and so on. In addition, students also noticed traces of ancient human culture in the form of stone tools such as hand axes and pick axes. After visiting the museum, students continued activities in the field at the viewing post location to see the former excavation site for vertebrate fossils which still left several bone pieces. In this location, students can also observe directly the condition of the rocks containing these fossils.

The last location visited was a river where students could observe rocks containing marine invertebrate fossils and volcanic sedimentary rocks. At this location, students have the opportunity to describe rocks and discover other geological phenomena in that location.

Throughout the activity, the students were very enthusiastic about listening to the explanations from the guides and lecturers. However, due to the hot weather and the long track, many students were tired and needed a longer rest so the activities took longer than expected. Nevertheless, all the participants of the activity were able to finish the series of events well and returned to Semarang safely.