On Saturday, May 14th, 2022, Geological Engineering students from year 2020 took a field course at Banyumeneng River, Mranggen, Demak. This field lecture is held by the Department of Geological Engineering in order to prepare students for Geological Mapping which will be held from June to August.

The field lecture material includes observations and measurements of geological structures delivered by Geological Engineering lecturer, Mr. Ahmad Syauqi Hidayatillah, S.T., M.T. In addition, the committee also invited Mr. Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar, M.Sc, who is an invited lecturer at the Department of Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University. This lecture was attended by approximately 110 students who will take part in Geological Mapping in the next semester.

The location of this field course is on the Banyumeneng River, which is located in Banyumeneng Village, Mranggen District, Demak Regency. At this location, students can observe excellent rock outcrops with complex geological structures.

During the activity, students enthusiastically listened to the explanation and discussed with the lecturers. After explaining the material, students are directed to learn to measure the features of geological structures observed in the field.

After attending this field course, participants are expected to be able to apply the knowledge they have acquired in future Geological Mapping activities.

Contributor: Anis Kurniasih