Entrepreneurship requires innovations which are the application of creative ideas. This innovation is a solution to problems in society for a better life. A successful entrepreneur needs innovation so that a business can survive and face competition from other competitors. To prepare graduates with entrepreneurial spirits, the Department of Geological Engineering Undip held an entrepreneurship workshop on Saturday, April 24, 2021. This workshop took the topic “Innovation and Competition in Business” which was held online. This activity is a collaboration between the department and HMTG Magmadipa in the Economic Sector and the IKA Geodipa alumni association. Around 180 participants from among students, alumni, and lecturers took part in this activity.

The event was opened with remarks from Mr. Najib as the Head of the Department and Mr. Vahyu Hertanto as the chairman of the alumni association. Moderator Ms. Narulita Santi led the workshop which presented four speakers. The first speaker was Daniesh Musthafa from HIPMI who has several business fields such as coffee shops and furniture services. Daniesh said that business is a competitive arena that we must play flexibly in order to continue to develop. The material was continued by Rahman Wahyudianto, an alumni of Geological Engineering Undip who currently has a business developing geoelectric tools and consultants, namely Geotitis. Rahman shared his experiences from business travel to winning entrepreneurial awards as well as giving tips on how to start a business in the field of geology today.

The next session started with a presentation from Reza Permadi (Atourin) about the socialization of the Geopreneur competition, which is a geological entrepreneurial competition held by IAGI. This Undip Geological Engineering Alumni who is familiarly called Reper also provides an opportunity for participants who are engaged in entrepreneurship to join the community that accommodates these Geopreneurs. The last speaker was Dr. Dina Dellyana, the Director of Business Incubator from SBM-ITB. He provided material on the topic of innovation to build a sustainable business. The key to a successful business in the long term is the existence of innovation from various aspects that differentiates it from other similar businesses.

The discussion led by the moderator and MC was interesting with lots of questions from fellow students and alumni. A door prize from IKA Geodipa also enlivened this activity. It is hoped that with this entrepreneurship workshop, geology graduates can open themselves up to the realm of entrepreneurship so that they can bring benefits to society.