On Monday (30/05/2022), an Entrepreneurship Workshop was held with the topic “Building a Mindset in Creative and Innovative Business in the Digital Era for Geological Engineering Students”. The implementation of this activity is a routine agenda of the Department of Geological Engineering in collaboration with Economy Division of HMTG Magmadipa. The workshop aims to develop the potential and entrepreneurial interest of geology students with current topics. Therefore, the organizers invite the speakers who are practitioners in the field of entrepreneurship and professional geology.

The activity was opened with remarks from Dr.rer.nat. Thomas Triadi Putranto, ST, M.Eng. as Head of the Geological Engineering Department and Muhammad Ikhwan Arfah as Chair of HMTG Magmadipa. The first resource person was Mr. Suherman Soemardi, with the topic of creative and innovative business in the digital era. As Vice President of Government Relations of one of the largest marketplaces in Indonesia today, Mr. Suherman shared his experience growing with blibli.com to date. Creative business requires collaboration and partners who discuss with each other to achieve a goal, adaptive behavior, and good relationships.

The next session was delivered by Mr. Agus Sugiharto, ST, MT, Head of IAGI Central Java, with the topic of entrepreneurial opportunities for Geological Engineering graduates. The abundance of natural resource potential in Indonesia, as quoted from Mr. Agus’ explanation, opens career opportunities for Geological Engineering graduates in the fields of extraction, non-extraction, energy, and other creative industries. Each field requires competent earth science graduates and has good soft skills.

The event was interspersed with questions and answers and quizzes guided by the moderator Mrs. Narulita Santi, ST, M.Eng and MC. Active feedbacks came from participants who were dominated by students of the Geological Engineering Department. Hopefully this activity can foster the entrepreneurial spirit of the students so that they can bring benefits to the country and the wider community in the future.