Saturday (30/3/2019) Entrepreneurship Seminar: Industrial and Business Innovation in Abundance Era was held at R302, Pertamina Sukowati Building, Universitas Diponegoro. This seminar is an event organized by the Economic Division of Geological Engineering Student Association (HMTG Magmadipa) in collaboration with Entrepreneurship Course lecturers. This seminar took the theme of Abundance Era, which means a cheap, abundant, easy, fast access of resources and informations with the development of technology. This is an event with an interesting theme that can't be missed by aspiring entrepreneurs. The seminar presented two speakers, first Mr. Hendratmoko (CEO of PT IHS Multi Engineering, Chairperson of PORTADIN, and karate activists) who explained that technology-based businesses in the era of abundance would be easy and grow exponentially. Mr. Hendi also encouraged students to become businessman instead of becoming employees. The second speaker was Mr Imam Pesuwaryantoro (CEO of and Chair of the Smart City Field Committee, Kamar Dagang Industry Jawa Barat), told us about innovations and tips on entrepreneurship in three big questions; why (why we make it), how (how to develop it), and what (what makes it unique and different). He also added about the importance of personal branding with this approach: identify, acceptance, and be different. 
In Q&A session, the participants gave a positive response because of how interesting and interactive the speakers were.
As stated by Rizaldi (Economic Division Head of HMTG Magmadipa) as chairman of the event, this seminar was intended to bring entrepreneurial souls among students, explore new aspiring entrepreneur, and to open a mindset about the potential of industrial and business markets in an easy and widely connected abundance era.  "Increasing knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and also to make every student have an open mind in accordance with the development of civilization that is filled with the development of interconnected information technology," he concluded.