The landslide disaster that occurred in February 2022 in Bandungan Hamlet, Kalongan Village, Ungaran Timur District, Semarang Regency cut off access to the main road connecting Demak Regency and Semarang Regency. This is not the first time that landslides have occurred and almost all of them are the result of high rainfall before the incident. Kalongan Village has a hilly morphology located on the east side of the foot of the slopes of Mount Ungaran. The landslide occurred in Bandungan Hamlet, which is the most densely populated area among other areas in Kalongan Village. An understanding of the dangers that may occur in the area needs to be understood by the residents of Kalongan Village as an effort to be aware of disasters. This disaster awareness is one of the efforts to increase the capacity of residents in its mitigation.

Geological Engineering, Diponegoro University, represented by the community service team and BPBD Semarang Regency on October 18, 2022, carried out socialization activities in order to increase the capacity of the residents of Kalongan Village. The activity, which was initiated by the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Ungaran Telomoyo Working Area, explained about the landslide disaster mitigation efforts and the results of the study that occurred at that time. This activity, which was attended by residents of Kalongan Village, provided education regarding land movement disaster mitigation efforts, including what things to do in the event of a landslide and post-disaster that was conveyed by BPBD Semarang Regency. The service team gave an explanation of the results of the landslide study that occurred in February 2022, including the geological conditions of the area, the characteristics of the landslide, and the factors causing it. The enthusiasm of the residents for this activity was seen in the discussion session, where many questions were asked.