Geology News on the Internet (GARNET) is a Podcast program from Geology Engineering, Diponegoro University, which has been around for almost 2 years. GARNET is a podcast that focuses on education with the hope of being able to provide information to the general public regarding the latest news in the world of science, especially in the world of earth sciences and also general knowledge. In addition, GARNET has also been able to establish good cooperation with several great sources from outside the campus, such as Dr. Ir. Sujarwanto Dwiatmoko, M.Sc as the Head of Energy and Resources Agency for Central Java Province, and Dr. Ahmad Taufiq, ST, MT, Ph.D as the Head of the Bandung PUPR Groundwater Agency. Apart from that, in the Diponegoro University campus environment, GARNET has also established good cooperation with Geological Engineering lecturers, the Dean, and the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. These great guests have appeared on this education podcast throughout Undip!

On October 31, 2022 GARNET presented Mr. Rinal Khaidar Ali S.T, M.Eng, a lecturer at Diponegoro University Geological Engineering. On this occasion, GARNET invited Mr. Rinal to talk about his views on moving the capital city from Jakarta to Kalimantan. Many points of view were given by Mr. Rinal in this podcast session which was able to invite ± 700 views in 2 months. This is an achievement for GARNET because it was able to exceed 500 viewers in 2 months. He presented the geological and cultural perspectives in Kalimantan in this podcast session and invited many Garnetizens to comment and express their critical opinions, each of which attracted attention.

Yes, now you can watch GARNET on Youtube and on Spotify with the channel name GARNET Podcast. GARNET is a very positive breakthrough for the world of education, especially within the scope of the Diponegoro University campus. GARNET is also a place for students to find their passion in management and multimedia, which of course is warmly welcomed by students who want to develop their talents in these fields. As the result, GARNET was able to make achievements at the campus and national competition.